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LiPo Batteries’ Safety and How to Deal With It

Looking for the right Batteries, especially the one that gets you the most bang for your back is never an easy task. However, when it comes to this particular topic, the following discussion may turn into a heated debate. A quick look-up on any online search engine will result in similar debate regarding to its benefits, drawbacks, uses, and many more. All of these informations are often misleading as well, like a bogus chain email that our twice-removed aunts often send to us for good luck, false informations regarding batteries – more so the lithium polymer type, make the rounds because of the lack of knowledge. Those who are armed with the proper knowledge may not bat an eye, but those who are not will get even more confused. To purchase a LiPo battery, or not to purchase? To use a LiPo battery, or not to use it? The questions are endless.

When it comes to our hobby, things can get tricky. This is largely due to the fact that majority of an available radio controlled toys on the market come with a Lithium Polymer battery. This fact makes us wonder: if it is so widely used, then it surely cannot be that bad. But is this thought justified because there is some truth to that, or are we just justifying it so we can get out of our own confusion? Truth of the matter is, LiPo batteries are indeed not so bad – it works, and it is readily available. But this convenience comes with one glaring requirement: you must first know the dangers that come with it. Yes, they can be dangerous as some posts you have read in the past stated. But incessant fears surrounding it are not necessary. As long as you know how to properly use, charge and store them – you are good to go.

LiPo batteries, regardless of its brand or manufacturer, are fundamentally unique. Especially when it comes to their charging needs, which is why you must never trickle, let alone overcharge a LiPo battery – once it hits 4.2V per cell, it’s fully charged and you must discharge. If you won’t use it for more than three days, discharge it down to somewhere between 3.6V to 3.8V and store it in a safe, room-temperature place until you need it. Last but not least, a genuine and high-quality battery such as Walkera LiPo Battery may cost you extra but you’re strongly advised to purchase it and avoid purchasing used ones at all cost.

WLtoys A959 RC Car Review

Toy car racing may seem a simple matter for some people. However, this particular racing can be fun and exciting for those who love RC cars. If you want to have a new high speed RC car, you can consider WLtoys A959. This buggy style toy car can be a great addition to your RC car collection. This RC car will give you different experience in playing RC cars. If you are interested in having this car, you must check this review.

WLtoys RC car A959 review

A959 RC car is equipped with great features. With those excellent features you can play this toy car in more satisfying manner. Here are some of the specs and features of this RC car.

– High speed

A959 is a fast RC car. Its speed can reach 45 km/hour. With this high speed car, you can have more chance in winning RC car race. Using this RC car on a race can impress your friends. It is a perfect toy car to outrun your friends’ car.

– Four-wheel independent suspension

This particular toy car has independent suspension on each of its wheel. With this independent suspension, the RC car can perform very well in any type of tracks. In addition, it has four-wheel shock absorbers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that your car will turn upside down while having a race with your friends.

– 100 m control distance

A959 features long control distance. The sensor of this toy car will still be able to catch your remote control signal even when you are more than 100 m away from it.

– 1/18 scale

This toy car features 1/18 scale. As a result, you can play it outdoor and indoor conveniently.

– Excellent car body quality

The car body of A959 is made of excellent quality material. Therefore, this toy car is not easily damaged. With this durable toy car, you don’t need to worry much about how to handle it.

The size of the A959 is 24.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 9.4 cm. This RC car needs 7.4V 1100 MAh to operate. With this battery, A959 can run for 10 minutes. To control this toy car, you need a transmitter with 2.4 Gh frequency. The transmitter is included in the package. But the AA batteries for this transmitter are not included. You need 4 AA batteries for it.

Where to buy A959

To purchase an A959 RC car, you must go to the right store. There are many stores that have this product. But, not all of them offer them at the best deal. If you are on budget, you must get this car toy at WLtoys Car store. At this store, you can buy RC toys at much affordable price. Many RC cars that are sold in this store are offered in discount. You can get 20% up to 60% discount when you are shopping at this store. Therefore, you will be able to add your RC car collection without being broke. At this credible store, you can enjoy great RC car shopping experience.

Hard wood Furnishings Types

Hard wood furnishings tend to be a few of the planet’s priciest kind of wood furnishings. Also, they are probably the most long lasting along with numerous furnishings enduring hundreds of years along with great upkeep. With that said, hard wood isn’t always tougher compared to softwoods. This particular is due to the actual big number of hardwoods which have their very own natural wooden densities. Be enough to express, the actual toughest softwoods tend to be tougher compared to a few hardwoods varieties. Trees and shrubs which create hard wood tend to be much more several compared to the ones that create softwood, on the 100 collapse much more. For their natural power they’re popular within building, doorways, floors so that as the building blocks for many structures. Let’s evaluation a few typical hardwoods utilized in wood furnishings these days.


Walnut is actually several genus associated with trees and shrubs along with more than 550 various varieties around the world. Walnut forest tend to be a few of the most powerful and many appealing forest within furnishings building these days. Furthermore, it’s higher tannin content material causes it to be normally opposition in the direction of fungi as well as bugs. It’s inherently appealing wooden designs as well as white markings which include a little elegance in order to any kind of furnishings. It had been the actual wooden of preference with regard to structures associated with social significance like the Home Associated with Commons as well as creating building throughout nineteenth hundred years European countries. Additionally, it the actual wooden of preference with regard to rum barrels since it considerably plays a role in the colour as well as taste. Wines corks will also be generally produced from a really varieties associated with walnut, Quercus Suber. Most cork manufacturing facilities close to Northern The african continent, The country as well as Spain. The actual varieties the majority of preferred with regard to wines barrels is actually Quercus Petraea.


Mahogany describes several trees and shrubs which create a more dark number of hard wood. Just about all real mahogany wooden is actually found through Asian countries nations for example Philippines as well as Indian. Real Mahogany describes the actual wooden in the genus Swietenia. The actual feed white markings existing commonly are not because appealing because Walnut because they tend to be instead directly. Recently built furnishings may have the red color for them. However this particular colour steadily darkens with time. It’s regarded as simple to utilize, long lasting and it has already been the standard option with regard to cupboards. Regrettably, numerous varieties associated with Mahogany happen to be more than gathered previously that has led to all of them becoming detailed within Cites.


Beech trees and shrubs tend to be native to the island with a areas of Asian countries, European countries as well as The united states. Whenever utilized because fire wood, beech includes a couple of characteristics which place over other forms associated with wooden. They’re simple to cut and also the firelogs final many years. It’s also utilized in the actual ale business like a fining broker (Budweiser) as well as may be used within smoked cigarettes ale as well as cheeses. Occasionally employed for the actual building associated with percussion since it includes a sculpt which is comparable to each Birch as well as Walnut (Both extremely popular with regard to drum making). Prior to the creation associated with document, it had been employed for composing materials within historic European countries. Western varieties associated with beech tend to be powerful as well as popular with regard to floors, plywood as well as furnishings wooden.

Softwood Types

With regard to a little course as well as old-style appeal, you can’t fail along with wood furnishings. The actual normally elegance associated with wooden may improve almost any decoration style in store. For their enormous recognition, you’ll find almost any kind of furnishings within the wooden of the option. Included in this are the actual stylish quilt container with regard to sleeping rooms, cabinets, seats as well as footwear shelves. You will find 2 fundamental kinds of wood furnishings, softwood as well as hard wood furnishings. Let us discover both of these forest additional.

In spite of it’s title, softwoods aren’t usually much softer compared to hardwoods. The reason being from the wide selection associated with densities obtainable whenever coping with each kinds of forest. The actual change can also be accurate because there are several hardwoods which are much softer compared to softwoods. Balsa, is a good instance. With that said, the actual toughest hard wood may defeat away any kind of softwood within denseness. Once again, the actual change can also be accurate since the softest softwoods tend to be much much softer compared to any kind of hard wood varieties. Softwood may be the planet’s most widely used option with regard to wood furnishings because a few 75% of these are manufactured from this. Cropping as well as shows facilities generally revolve close to The united states and also the Baltic’s. The actual kinds of softwood varieties usually utilized in furnishings consist of Pinus radiata, Redwood, Fir, Yew, Spruce as well as Planks.

Amongst each difficult as well as gentle wooden kinds, pinus radiata is actually perhaps typically the most popular as well as in a commercial sense essential wooden utilized in furnishings these days. These people develop very quick and therefore are pretty long lasting. Nevertheless, these people are susceptible to nicks through banging. They’re ideal with regard to interior make use of because they often break down very rapidly whenever remaining towards the risks from the atmosphere. The actual price associated with destruction is dependent greatly upon the kind of environment it’s in order to withstand. Planks is actually an additional well-liked varieties that’s utilized in a multitude of industrial items through pencils in order to fencing articles. The actual planks varieties consists of numerous big as well as high trees and shrubs through all over the world. The actual United states planks sapling may achieve levels as high as one hundred and eighty ft along with a trunk area size associated with more than 12 ft. The actual United states planks varieties (Calocedrus Decurrens) is actually mainly employed for pen manufacturing. Japan planks sapling (Cryptomeria Japonica) is really a bigger varieties that may achieve up to two hundred and twenty ft tall. They’re just present in Asia and therefore are utilized solely with regard to home creating.

Finally, all of us take a look at Fir wooden. This specific softwood is mainly utilized because pulp for that building associated with plywood. It’s absolutely no natural bug repelling characteristics as well as furnishings produced from it’s mostly utilized inside. These types of trees and shrubs will also be typically the most popular variations associated with Xmas trees and shrubs offered throughout the joyful period. Douglas Fir wooden (Pseudotsuga Menziesii) is really a especially thick varieties associated with fir that’s popular with regard to body creating as it can certainly endure fairly higher lots. Because of their natural power, these people can also be utilized in little plane building.

Typical Difficulties Discovered Throughout a House Examination

What exactly are a few of the typical issues that a house examination offers discovered towards the shock associated with naive purchasers, There are lots of that may impact the actual habitability of the house, as well as the actual security. The actual examination, actually if it’s not necessary ought to be carried out anyhow. This is actually the just method you will possess the satisfaction that the house examination can offer.

The individual doing the house examination doesn’t have curiosity about if the house goes by the actual examination or even not really. They’re merely searching at the different factors of the house to find out if it’s the secure house by which to reside.

What exactly are Probably the most Typical Difficulties,

You will find typical difficulties they’ll search for very first. The roofing may be the reason with regards to leading to main difficulties. Numerous roofers within the often shingle more than current shingles. This could snare drinking water leading to the actual shingles in order to degrade or even the actual pulsating could be free. The actual rafters or even roofing trusses may become fragile and start to provide within locations.

More prevalent difficulties particularly using places would be the basis may create splits. There might be drinking water represents that’ll be the certain indication associated with difficulty. These types of might be typical difficulties discovered through the house examination, however they aren’t little at all as well as they may be costly to repair.

An additional product that’s frequently not really changed till this stops operating may be the hvac. When the program is actually aged, it will happen to be changed before. The actual old the machine the much more likely the opportunity it’ll break up when it’s required. Old techniques will also be difficult to find components with regard to which indicates investing more income immediately to change this technique.

The house examination includes the actual cabling of the house. Numerous houses which were constructed prior to the 70’s don’t have the actual grounded shops which instantly switch off in the event that some thing will go incorrect. The actual windows and doors of the house tend to be an additional typical region which have been found through numerous inspectors. In the event that they don’t open up as well as near properly, it may be because of the wall space.

Whenever looking at the actual plumbing of the house, normally a drip is going to be discovered. The actual home owner might not be conscious of the drip if it’s an inferior 1. However little leakages can result in more severe difficulties as well as before very long, you will have to substitute floors.

Additional typical difficulties range from easy points that needs to be changed through regimen upkeep. If your eye-port evolves the break, this will end up being looked after when it’s very first observed. Many of these points may harm the likelihood of promoting your house whenever a good examination is performed. The actual front yard shouldn’t be building splits neither if the pavement leading for your entry.

Exist indicators associated with contaminations, The house examination includes this particular within their list associated with difficulties linked to the home. Pest harm is actually an additional typical issue. They will examine to find out in the event that these types of unwanted pests can be found. There are many places of the house examination which will discover small difficulties that you’ll most likely work out but still buy the house. Nevertheless, when the examination discloses main difficulties, it’s time for you to leave simply because it will cost more income compared to is actually useful with to correct your house.