Have you ever thought about how to get more revenues and attract more clients to your heating and air conditioning business? If yes, I’ll try to educate you on how to use a pricing system – flat rate – which appeared in the HVAC industry in 1990.

In this article, I’ll be showing you reasons why professionals are succeeding in getting more clients and have their revenue boosted. Contractors are dumping the old, popular time and material pricing system, which brings nothing but long duration of arguments and leaving your clients unsatisfied.


What are time and material pricing?

This method of pricing considers only the time spent in getting the job done, which also has the cost of parts included. The downside to this is that customers are only aware of the accumulated price after the job is completed.

You check example of flat rate pricing models here –

Flat rate pricing

This is quite different as the price is given upfront. The prices are based on an estimated time to be spent in getting the job done completely. So, this enables customers to be aware of the charges and can make the right decisions.



Using the flat rate model you can have your client know of the charges for each service you will be rendering. This makes it perfect for people who like to be in control of their budget and business owners inclusive.

This pricing model eliminates unnecessarily worried that might arise in the minds of your customers because you are spending more hours and will have to pay a lot due to your hourly rates. It aids your service by allowing your customers to agree on upfront – if the price seems fair and affordable before you commence.

Hence, your clients can now find it very easy to save up for furnaces, air conditioning system, and much other equipment.


Another great factor why contractors make use of this pricing system is because it’s a fast way to get the job done. Heating and air conditioning customers sometimes want an expeditious service. so, you don’t need to waste time like when you using time and material pricing system. you can just get right to the job and get started immediately.


Most customers always have the feeling like you are overcharging them. They believe you are doing that by working slowly for more labor time so you get more revenue or perhaps using expensive parts for your gain.

All these are eliminated using flat rate pricing system. It removes the annoying billing surprises, which most clients get the job is completed. This always results in lots of criticism and complaints. Now, you can get your customers focused on your job well done, instead of how pricey your work is.
And do not forget a happy, relaxed customer is a very good client, which will promote your good works to friends, family and drop a good positive review on your webpage.

Get More Clients

If your business, heating and air conditioning, use flat rate pricing, then you can take advantage of the pricing system to advertise particular fees for some common services. This is very effective, as a client who pays has been regularly overcharged for such service can come running to you.

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Improve your skills

Now, irrespective of how long you spend you can’t add a dime to flat rate you have given to your customers. This allows you to get jobs done faster, which helps increases your skills to get the job done. You don’t have to spend long hours or get your focus away from the job because you thinking how to earn more by spending extra hours.
Moreover, most technicians now look for a way to get jobs which they spend hours completing reduced to minutes, so they can finally earn more.


Do you know the fixed price as the capability to change your heating and air conditioning business for good? Many companies – plumbing, electrical and moving companies are now using them to make their customers feel they are treated justly.

In addition, this has been the reason why postal services now have more customers than before. The introduction of boxes that allows customers ship to any state they desire at the same price without a dime added.

So, why not incorporate the same fixed pricing to your heating and air conditioning business and that seeing how well your business will be.