Top Tips for Successfully Installing Your Floor

Installing your floor can be difficult. Experts advise that you should do the following to ensure the finished product lives up to your expectations.

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Measure the Area

Make sure the area has been accurately measured. If you have not done this, you may have a tapered last row, and this will be unattractive and will require covering. Measure to begin with and allow for the irregularities by planning to taper your first and last row.

Preparing the Area

Before installing your floor, make sure the area is clear of debris. Remove any nails or staples and dust/vacuum the subfloor before beginning that installation. If you need to, sand the subfloor to ensure smoothness.


When sticking the underlay down, make sure you use the correct tape, as failure to do so may result in crinkling when it’s stepped on.

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When cutting the floor, use the appropriate shear recommended by the engineered flooring company such as This is also a more convenient method than using a saw.


Start working under doorways, as the chances are you won’t want to finish the job doing this.


When moving to a new room, leave a little gap to be filled with a transition strip to differentiate between rooms. Position the gap under the door to form a break between rooms.


It can be very helpful to use a piece of flooring to tap boards into place, especially when they are difficult to position.

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