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Things to Consider When Buying Air Conditioner

Air conditioning unit is not a luxury but rather a necessity. In Every home in Australia, having air conditioning in summer and heating system in winter time is an absolute necessity. Living in Australian heat during summer without an air conditioner can be torturous and unhealthy. That’s is why it is important to buy a right air conditioning unit to avoid extra expenses in air conditioning repair and maintenance.  Choosing a right air conditioning unit is sometimes the only thing that makes a difference between having a miserable or comfortable summer.

  1. Right AC unit for right room. It is important that you choose a right size of AC for a particular room. An AC unit that is too small for a room won’t do an excellent to make it cool and comfortable. If you install a big air conditioning unit to small room, the possibility is that you will have a dank and cold space. Plus, you will be spending much money for a small room that doesn’t require it.
  2. Choose quiet. No one like noisy air conditioner. Take note of the noise test rating of the air conditioner you want to buy. There AC systems that scores well in noise test. These units are so quite that you could almost hear nothing, other than fan running, from it. However, AC unit that don’t have excellent noise rating can be distracting, even when set on low and become pretty much annoying when it is set to high.
  3. Choose air conditioning unit which have intelligent cooling system installed. This smart ACs has embedded software that automatically lowers down or increase the temperature depending on the temperature of the room. There are smart air conditioners that allow you to control the unit using your smart phones. You can actually turn the unit off or change the temperature setting even you are away from home.
  4. Watch out for warranty. Only buy an air conditioning unit that has warranty.  The longer the warranty, the better.  Appliance which has longer warranty speaks of quality.


According to research more 6 millions of air conditioning units are sold in Australia every year. About 10% of this won’t survive the heat of the summer on its first year of service. Most of these would require the services of air conditioning Perth before the summer ends.  Choosing a right air conditioning unit is important for you to have a comfortable summer.